The music in traditional worship at Faith Community is anything but old fashioned or boring!   Along with the hymns we love, you’ll find new congregational music. To add variety to our worship, our music teams draw
from many styles of music—from classical to contemporary, gospel, jazz, blues, and more.

Contact information:
Stephanie Fleming, Worship Director
513-777-9533 ext. 114 or 











The Chancel Choir at Faith Community Church ministers during the traditional services in the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings. The choir follows a rotating schedule for the 9:30 and 11:00 am worship (see below for more details). Through our music ministry, we strive to prepare the way for the Holy Spirit to enter the hearts of worshipers.

Our choir consists of men and women eighteen and older, and we welcome new members on a continual basis. Many friendships have been formed in Chancel Choir. Members support one another in times of illness and need. We also take time for celebrations and refreshments so that we are not all work and no play!


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Practice Schedule:

Chancel Choir rehearsals take place on Thursday evenings at
7:00 pm in the Sanctuary from late August through early June.
Childcare can be arranged if needed.

Worship Singing Schedule
· First Sunday of the month:     9:30 & 11:00 am
· Second Sunday of the month: 9:30 am
· Third Sunday of the month:    9:30 & 11:00 am
· Fourth Sunday of the month: 11:00 am
· Fifth Sunday of the month:     Choir off
Contact information:
Mary Schambow, Chancel Choir Director
(513) 759-2302 or 


The Chancel Bell Ministry at Faith brings the beautiful sound
of bells to worshipers on a regular basis. The sound of the
bells often touches the heart of the listener in ways that
words cannot. Through the music of bells, presented in a
variety of styles, the Chancel Bells add to the worship
experience by sharing special music and accompanying hymns.

For some Chancel Bell members, this ministry is their primary
“small group” where they receive support, have fun, and enjoy
learning to work together to lead worship through music. While
it is difficult to add new ringers to the group, there is always a
need for substitutes and many have become regular ringers over

Practice Schedule:

The Chancel Bells meet from September through May. Rehearsals
take place on Sundays in the Sanctuary from 6:30-8:00 pm.

Worship Ringing Schedule:

The Chancel Bells minister approximately once a month at
traditional services and occasionally in other venues and
settings. They sometimes join with the Chancel Choir and
other instrumentalists for multigroup numbers.

Occasionally, members ring solo or in small ensembles, 
sometimes playing for events outside of worship, such as 

Contact information:
Jeff Sperry at

Ring for Joy - Celebrating 25 Years

This year worship arts will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of our Chancel Bells. We will be having a special concert and reception on November 9 to celebrate. Please save the date on your calendar, and come celebrate with us!

• Featuring: Chancel Bells, Youth Bells, Youth Chimes, Special Bell Ensemble

• Music: Original handbell compositions, hymn arrangements, and other inspirational pieces to mark this milestone anniversary. 

• Date: Sunday, November 9

• Time: 4:00 pm (to last no more than 75 minutes)

• Location: Faith Community UMC

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for the event flyer.





Started in 1992, the Men of Faith now have about 20 full-time members of varied backgrounds and talents. The group strives to glorify God through performances at Faith as well as an extensive music outreach program (see list below).  We welcome anyone who desires to sing harmony, enjoy fellowship, have relaxed fun, and achieve a sense of accomplishment. 

The music ranges from hymns, anthems, classical, barbershop, gospel, western, patriotic, glee club, Christmas and spirituals, sung accompanied or a cappella.  Whatever the song, the group enjoys personal growth that comes with practice, performance and outreach to share God’s glory.

Men of Faith Christmas Program:
Join the Men of Faith for their annual Christmas Program, Wednesday, December 3 at 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary. The MOF will be joined by the Acts of Faith, men’s quartets, voice and musical soloists and congregational singing. Come get the Christmas season rolling!

Men of Faith outreach locations include: 
Chesterwood Village
Crestview Presbyterian Church
Deaconess Hospital--Adult Psych Unit
Llanfair Retirement Community
Maple Knoll Retirement Home
Mason Care Center
Mason Christian Village
Monroe Baptist Church
PrimeTimers Veteran Appreciation Evening
Tri-County Extended Care Facility
Twin Towers Retirement Community

Practice Schedule:
The Men of Faith practice on Mondays from 7:00 - 8:30 pm in the music room or sanctuary

Contact information: Steve Rullmann at or Vern Shirley at



Practice Schedule:

The Men of Faith practice on Mondays from 7:00 - 8:30 pm
in the music room or sanctuary

Contact information: Steve Rullmann at
or Vern Shirley at

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Brass Ensemble is open to anyone who is interested in getting back to playing his or her old horn. You can play for fun or join us for performances. There are no commitments or limits on the number of musicians.

Practice Schedule:

Brass Ensemble practices on Sundays from 12:20 - 1:20 pm in the sanctuary

Contact information: Eric Hruska




Instrumentalists contribute to worship through solos and ensembles as well as accompanying the choral or bell groups. Whether you’ve played all along or used to play “back when” and want to get that instrument out of the attic, we encourage you to use your talent to praise God.

Practice Schedule:
As needed.

Contact information:   
Stephanie Fleming, Worship Director
513-777-9533 ext. 114           



Faith Community will present a special Christmas cantata on Sunday, December 16
during the 9:30 and 11:00 traditional services. 

“A Night for Rejoicing,” written by Lee and Susan Naus Dengler, will feature Faith’s
Chancel Choir and instrumental ensemble as they present this Advent cantata with
scripture, narration, and beautiful carol arrangements.

It is our prayer that this special holiday music will fill your hearts with the love that
entered our world on that first, glorious Christmas night!