Board of Servant Leaders

The BSL is the governing body of our Faith Community and consists of nine members of the church plus the senior pastor as their spiritual leader. They work on behalf of the entire congregation as we strive together to fulfill our vision of changing lives through Christ.

Each BSL member serves a three-year term, and primary responsibilities include: visioning, reviewing church ministries for effectiveness, overseeing the annual budget, acting as the legal entity of the church, and staffing.


Currently, the nominations team is preparing a slate of three new officers (three-year commitment) to be presented for vote at the Church Conference in the Fall.  If you wish to nominate someone or self-nominate, please contact Pastor Tim at no later than July 1.

Expectations of a BSL member:

  • Prayer – They keep a regular pattern of devotion
  • Presence – They are actively involved in worship and group life
  • Gifts – They hold the 10% tithe as an important expression of commitment
  • Service – They allow a lifestyle of service to others
  • Witness – They are unashamed of the good news of Jesus Christ

If you have questions, concerns or suggestions for the Board of Servant Leaders, please send an email to:

Vicki Gardner
BSL Chair

BSL Year 2015

Kevin Gale
Cindy Menges
Kim Ashman

BSL Year 2016

Randy Tormey
Diane Northcutt

BSL Year 2017

Andy Anderson
Mark Faulkner
Curt Nutter