Baptism is the beginning of a lifelong journey of faith.  It makes no difference whether you are baptized as an adult or as a child … we all start on that journey at baptism. In the United Methodist church, baptism signifies repentance and forgiveness of sin, new birth, and the entry into Christian discipleship.

Baptism for children

For the child, the journey of faith begins at baptism and continues in the nurturing community of Faith Community United Methodist Church.  As the child grows older, he or she will learn what it means that, “God loves you.”

Between 9th-12th grades, the child will attend a yearlong confirmation program and make his or her first confession of faith.  At Faith Community, we wait until high school before beginning confirmation classes, because at that age children can begin to take responsibility for their own decisions.

Baptism for adults

If you experienced God’s grace later in life, you can be baptized as an adult.  Adult baptism still marks the beginning of a journey in the nurturing fellowship of the caring, learning, worshiping, serving congregation.

Contact Information:
To schedule a baptism, please contact the church office at 513-777-9533 during office hours (Monday-Thursday 9 am – 4 pm, Friday 9 am – noon).