Special Prayers

To help you in your prayer life, Faith Community’s Prayer Ministries has prepared special prayers on important topics.

Personal Prayers for Strength and Guidance

Father God, let me never take you for granted! I know you are the God of all the universe, Lord. I must make more of an effort to recognize that You are working in my life and guiding me. I want to trade all my earthly dependencies for Your presence.

Please help me to sense Your hand on me as I go about my daily tasks. Help me to sense your presence so strongly in my life that I never doubt it again. When your presence poursthrough me, my longings are filled more deeply and more completely than anything this life has the offer. The sense of peace, the direction, the calm, the strength wells within me that can only come from you. I experience your power, and also the eternal goodness that encompasses you. Glory radiates from you and yet I know that I can approach you. I can come to you with anything, and you will talk to me, become personal with me in my fragile human condition.

Thank you, Lord for loving me first…for pursuing me and wanting a relationship with me. You are my Savior and I love you. AMEN

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Prayers of Comfort and Loss of a Loved One

Loving Father, I come to You now with sadness. I come with such grief…a profound sense of loss and emptiness with losing a loved one. I can’t imagine what life will look like without him/her. I can’t imagine waking up tomorrow and not seeing his/her face. I am afraid, Lord.

Father, I understand that You know my pain and my sorrow. I know that You are waiting to take my hand…and comfort me…and grant me peace. I know that You are wrapping your arms around me now. I ask for the kind of strength that only You can provide…for you are the one who will help me put one foot in front of the other and move through the days ahead.

I ask that you help me through my grief. Your healing is mighty and I know you will carry me when I am unable to stand. You are the constant in my life when all else changes. Thank you, Father, for being my anchor and my rock. I will hold onto that truth during these next days. AMEN

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Prayers of Thanksgiving and Praise

My Lord and My God, you are so far beyond my human understanding. I continue to be amazed by you.  You offer strength, hope, and healing in ways I don’t even know I need.  What a privilege it is for me to receive the love you have given to me!  Lord, I ask for your presence to move through me.  I know you are the God of the universe.  You are also the God who loves me so very much.  I recognize that you are always present in my life, whether I take the time to notice or not.  Please help me sense your hand on me as I go about my daily tasks.  I love you, Lord, and I thank you for your love and care for me.  In Your son’s name, AMEN

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Prayers of Confession

Gracious Father, I am in awe of your love and your gift of forgiveness. I know that I allow my pride to blind me from you. Lord, how easy it is for me to make things about myself and what is comfortable for me. I shift my focus from you and your will, to me and what is easiest or most convenient for me. That is so wrong, Father and I ask your forgiveness now.

Dear Lord, I confess that I have spoken hurtful and unkind words. I confess that I have struggled with envy and jealousy. I confess that I have failed to reach out to family and friends around me who are in need. Father, you see me with all my flaws, all of my brokenness, all my sin, and you love me in spite of that.

I humbly ask, Lord, that you forgive me of my sins. I ask you to heal my brokenness. I ask that you open my eyes to your love. I thank you for giving me new life through your son, Jesus Christ who died for me. I thank you and I love you. In Christ’s name I pray. AMEN

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Prayers of Comfort

Dear Jesus, no matter what, you have promised that I do not have to face things alone. Disappointments, conflict, broken relationships, loss…it doesn’t matter… You are always with me. Thank you for that.  You will go with me through everything I face. You will walk with me. You will guide me. You will strengthen me. You will give me right words. You will give me wisdom. You know my needs and you will  care for me. Help me cling to you no matter what else happens today. AMEN

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