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Changing Lives

At Faith Community we believe in changing one life at a time through Christ! For 50 years, Faith has helpedSanta_Mrs. Claus change and improve local lives through mission trips and local programs including the Faith Food Pantry and Stepping Forward.

Since 2010, Faith has hosted a December program for our local Food Pantry families to help them celebrate Christmas. Highlights of this Christmas celebration include a hot breakfast, photos with Santa, a dress-up manger scene photo booth, a Christmas food basket for the family, and gifts for the children.

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Dignity is important, so Faith Community structures our programs to help empower those we serve by having them participate in the change process. We serve with an attitude of humility and honor to God, not out of superiority to those we serve. Instead of a “Hand Out” we strive to give local families in need a “Hand Up.”

Christmas with Dignity

Our Christmas Shop is designed to give parents the opportunity to provide Christmas for their family. Our shop allows parents to select and purchase a $30-valued gift for their children at a greatly-reduced price. Last year over 250 families were able to purchase gifts for their children.

By offering the gifts at a reduced price, we are giving parents the dignity to purchase and select gifts for their children. This event began in response to parents watching their children receive well-intentioned gifts selected by strangers that the parents wished they were able to purchase. Thus, dignity is restored to them as they are able to purchase the gifts for their own children.

Money Donations

If you would like to give a financial donation, click the “DONATE NOW!” link below. Our Santa’s Helpers will use 100% of your donation to purchase gifts for local children. Faith Community is a 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations are tax deductible.

Donate Now
How Does It Work_

Families register in October to shop in the Christmas Shop. We then fill the Christmas Shop with age-appropriate $30-valued gifts. On the day of the event, Saturday, December 16, parents arrive to shop while their children make crafts, visit with Santa, and sing Christmas carols. The cost to the parents is based on the number of children in their family. The gift for the first child is $5.00, the second child’s gift is an additional $3.00, and any additional children’s gifts cost an additional $1.00 with a maximum of $10.00.

Gift Donations

The Faith Community Christmas Shop is made possible through generous donations from local businesses and individuals.

Your business can help by providing donations of fun, interactive, age-appropriate gifts for the Christmas Shop. If you would like to donate, please indicate the type of gift and quantity from the list below:

 LEGO Sets    Qty:
 Hooded Sweatshirts (adult sizes S-XXL)   Qty:
 Nerf Guns    Qty:
 Ear Buds or Bluetooth Speakers   Qty:
 Remote Control Cars   Qty:
 Toy Trucks and Cars   Qty:
 Disney Character Toys   Qty:
 Dolls, Barbie Dolls, Action Fgures   Qty:
 Costume Jewelry/Scarves/Cosmetics   Qty:

Note: Each gift should have a value of approximately $30 and be new and unwrapped. Drop-off date is Saturday, December 3. Please provide your email address and we will send further instructions.


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