Faith Community understands that no one is exempt from experiencing hardships. Troubled times do not discriminate. This may include sudden financial issues, job loss, divorce, loss of loved ones or just being overwhelmed caring for family. When sudden life changes occur, a loving community is available to help. Through our Referrals and Assistance programs, we can provide hope and direction to solve these problems.


Tuesday from 6:30 – 8 pm

During our Tuesday night Stepping Forward program, anyone has the opportunity to speak to a Referral Counselor about what is going on in their life. We will assess the need and recommend next steps of action and referrals to outside resources. Our case manager will serve as an advocate by networking with community resources.

Financial Counseling

It can be difficult to keep up with all the monthly bills, and you may feel like you can never get ahead. A trained financial counselor is available to help you take the first steps in managing your money or getting out of debt.  Appointments are scheduled on Tuesday nights during Stepping Forward.

Interested in serving as a referral counselor?
Contact Tara at