First Monday of the month, 2pm - 3:30pm

Caregivers Support Group

Leader: Ann Copeland |

Are you a caregiver? If you help care for another adult, whether or not that person lives in your home, in a nursing home, or in their own home, you are a caregiver. You are a caregiver whether you devote as much as 24 hours per day or as little as 5 minutes a week to someone you care for.

Caregiving is stressful. Caregivers are more likely than their non-caregiving peers to be a risk for depression, heart disease, high blood pressure and other chronic illnesses. You are particularly at risk for caregiver burnout -- a state of mental and physical exhaustion brought on by the physical, emotional and financial stresses of providing ongoing care, usually over a long period of time. Caregiver burnout is the most cited reason for caregivers placing a loved one in a nursing home.

Caregiving for a loved one can leave you frustrated and angry at times. That’s normal -- but you don’t have to go through it alone. Research shows that having support is one of the best, most effective ways of reducing caregiver stress and frustration. A caregiver support group can be a lifeline, providing a place to share feelings, make new friends, get help navigating the health care system, and learn from and lean on others who are walking a similar path.

Please join us for our monthly Caregivers Support Group that meets on the 1st Monday of every month, from 2-3:30 pm in the Parlor. 

For questions, please contact Ann Copeland at 513-275-1725, or

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