Stay Connected with our App

Faith Community's app is a great way for you to connect with Sunday worship, see our complete announcements, check our calendar of events, log your attendance, watch sermons from our video archive, listen to messages from our Podcast, share prayer requests, and more! 

To Download the App

  1. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play
  2. Search for “Faith Community UMC Ohio”
  3. Download the App to your phone or tablet

App Introduction Video (2 min.)

Getting Started - Helpful Hints

  1. Complete your Profile information … Name, contact information, etc. and then touch “Create Profile.”
  2. A verification text will be sent to your cell number. Touch the link in the text to verify, then press the “Open” link to open the page in your app.
  3. Customize your app with your own cover and profile photos. Just touch each photo area, select photos from your photo library, or you can take a new picture and choose “Use Photo.”
  4. Type in whatever you want in the “ABOUT ME” section.
  5. Touch the “My Interests” link and check any ministry area(s) that are important to you. Based on the areas that you check, Faith will occasionally send out notifications and important reminders. For example, if you checked the “FaithKidz” ministry, you might receive a reminder that practices for the Children’s Christmas Musical will begin on September 15.
  6. IMPORTANT – After you are done customizing your app profile, touch the “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page to save your information.
  1. Navigation
    In addition to the icons on the home screen, the app has a simple navigation system. Touch the three bars in the upper right corner of your screen to open a full navigation screen.

  2. Notification Reminder
    A red dot shown in the lower right edge of the three bars means you have unread notifications.

  3. Accessing Notifications
    At the top of the navigation screen, you will see three icons. If you have unread notifications, the middle icon will also have a red dot. Touch this icon to see any recent notifications. Once you have read the notifications, you have the option to delete them.

  4. My Interests
    Touch the third icon on the right to open a screen showing the interests you have selected (in green). You can change these at any time.

  1. Touch the “GIVE” icon on the home screen.
  2. Enter the dollar amount, select the “FCUMC General Fund” and touch “Done.”
  3. If this is a recurring gift, you’ll have the opportunity to select the frequency, number of occurrences, and the start date. Then touch “Next.”
  4. Fill out your contact information and create a passcode. NOTE – You only have to do this once! For subsequent visits to GIVE, just enter your phone number and passcode, and the app will remember you.
  5. Choose where your contribution will be pulled from: credit card or bank account. Then enter either your credit card account # OR bank routing and account #s.

  6. Note: There is a small processing fee the church pays to accept online payments (3% for credit cards or 1% for direct pull from a bank account). If you’re willing to cover the processing fee, please click the appropriate box.
  7. Click the Process button.

Q – If I check in during worship from the app’s SUNDAY WORSHIP hub, do I need to also fill out attendance on the paper bulletin’s Share & Tear?
A – No. Only one check-in is needed.

Q – If I type in my family members when I check in, does that mean they shouldn’t check in separately on their own?
A – Yes, but don’t worry if it happens. Our front office people can reconcile any duplication.

Q – Should I check in on the app twice if I attend two worship services?
A – Yes … and good for you for attending twice!

Q – Is it safe to give through the app?
A – Yes! All financial-related data is encrypted and stored by the app’s payment gateway, which is PCI Level 1 compliant. Note: Level 1 PCI compliance is a set of rules stated by credit card companies and audited by an independent third party. Level 1 PCI is the highest possible rating.

Q - What if I forget my GIVE password?
A – Press “Reset” and you will receive an email from Aware3LLC where you can click on a link and reset your password.

Q – If I choose to cover the credit card (3%) or bank (1%) processing fees, will that $ amount be included in my church giving statement?
A – Yes

Q – Will I receive a receipt when I give through the app?
A – Yes. After you choose “Process” when giving, you will receive a receipt with a transaction ID#.

Q – Can I see my giving history with the app?
A – Yes. Press the GIVE icon on the app home screen, and then press “Manage your gifts.” After entering your cell number and email address, choose how you would like your information delivered (text or email), press “Manage” and a summary of your giving history will be sent to you.

Q – Can I cancel a recurring gift?
A – Yes. On your giving history page, press the trash can icon next to your recurring gift. You will get a note asking if you are sure, and then press “End Series” to cancel.